The Muse

In Greek mythology, the muses were inspirational women of the arts and sciences. They were embodied in poetry, lyrics and stories. The modern muse is less elusive but equally present and profound. The Edie Sedgwick to Andy Warhol. The Bridgette Bardot to Roger Vadim. For Spring 2017, creative director Farah Khan thought of the muses who influence her creative processes and paid homage to all the women who are her inspiration.

Great body language is the first thing that Farah notices. Ease has always been a signature of the brand so, together with her design team, she envisions clothing as enablers that help transcend women.. into making a lasting impression; casually jet-setting to the next cocktail party. The shapes have loosened up without any sacrifice of femininity. The attitude is more effortless than ever. A scarlet gown skims the form with nonchalance, while a standout white dress with bow detailing steals the show. All around, the collection is imbued with an irresistible insouciance in ecstatic, life-affirming shades of turquoise, salmon, red and yellow.

Collectors will find a new lightness from the technical team’s refinement of its techniques whilst elegance and a relaxed sophistication remain the touchstones of Farah Khan.