Love & Lightness

A collection of love and light, two greats of their very own fields inspired creative director Farah Khan this season.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Love Cards was a series of hand-crafted postcards that the French designer had created and sent to friends to welcome the new year with a symbol of love. The end result is 30 original collages that were a testament of Saint Laurent’s originality and ingenuity. Through this, Farah Khan was inspired to create her own messages of love, driven by Saint Laurent’s graphic eclecticism.

Another great who lent inspiration was Henri Matisse, a modern art giant widely regarded as the twentieth century’s greatest colourist. His signature bold strokes and acid tones gave the collection its stirring energy.

A bevy of tops and blousons in a multitude of colours, swirls and odd shapes are born. They drum up an urban rhythm that is especially catchy with contrasting hues and a street subtext. Matisse’s spectacular cutouts, coincide with Saint Laurent, who also referenced them in his own work, and appear in a few key styles. They are interpreted with more restraint and offer women a different take on bolds & brights, inviting them to... have a little fun.